About lissa:


The photographs I saw in National Geographic as a child were the first inspiration for my art.   I was fascinated by the insects, plant life, and the pictures of people from indigenous cultures.  Later in life, organic forms spoke to me through my professional gardening experience.  I was able to sense what was going on under the earth and the pulse of life we don’t see.  

My art is about the endless possibilities nature offers.   My mixed media works are imaginary, full of mysterious and sensual abstract forms and tiny details that are open to multiple interpretations.  Floaty things suggest the spirit, a fleeting thought or a dream.  Textured lines and black and white contrasts tantalize the eye.    

Each of my works is unique, and follows its own process.  I combine fine rendering with a loose line, starting by etching the surface and embedding black paint in the marks.  I then brush and mark with abandon, scraping and sanding away until it starts speaking to me.         

I create an imaginary world inspired by nature, inviting the viewer to respond in a visceral way, with instinct and feeling rather than intellect.