My statement for now.


The photographs I saw in National Geographic as a child were the first inspiration for my art. I was fascinated by the insects, plant life, and the photographs of peoples from indigenous cultures who lived for and through Nature’s gifts.

I am moved by the endless possibilities nature offers... I’ve been a practicing professional artist for 42 years, now. I can reflect on the different ways in which the richness of Mother Nature has affected my practice.

I can’t say I think in metaphor, rather the metaphor occurs through interaction and presents itself now in dimensional form. Read into it if you must.

The intrigue of clay. It’s just that.
It’s so exciting to feel wet clay, ponder it in the fingers.
I’m finding, as a teacher said, it has a mind of it’s own.

The ring of a fired clay piece is truly music to my ears. It is amazing to me the difference from the wet clay body to the clink of a finished piece.

I see the vast and deep knowing of practiced ceramists. I am an older artist child playing with a new material. I more than likely will never have the expertise of mature clay people, but, with due respect I will move in the direction I feel so moved to go, respectful of the vast opportunity it presents. 

The clay muse is not far from the Earth. Do you know about grounding? Science shows that there is a significant relationship with the Earth when stepped on without shoes, when lied down upon,  and not lastly tended with hands and tools. It is no wonder that clay is so attractive to make with.

You will find, in my work, an expression carried forth from many relationships with materials. It seems I have a creative voice that expresses through different mediums in a way one would recognize....similar but different, mature but hopefully always seeking the amazment of being blessed an artist with vision.